Long-form content

Long-form content

Long-form content is still the foundation of many great thought leadership campaigns. In our research, almost a third of C-suite executives cite the long-form research-based report as one of their preferred content formats.

We have deep expertise and over a decade’s experience in shaping attention-grabbing, authoritative, insightful long-form editorial.


The benefits of long-form content

Long-form content:

  • Positions you as a brand that adds value through deep insight and analysis
  • Earns the audience’s trust and reinforces credibility, which maximises PR impact
  • Initiates and supports sales conversations with clients and prospects
  • Increases shareability – long-form content is shared significantly more than short-form
  • Boosts SEO rankings and increases your organic search traffic.

Europe’s market-leading credit specialist, Intrum, worked with longitude on their flagship report, the European Consumer Payment Report. Click here to explore more

Protolab’s The Innovation Race is a prime example of an innovative long-form report, with unique findings, interesting copy, and appealing design. Click here more to explore

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