Data visualisation

Data visualisation

Strong data visualisation is now a vital component of any B2B content campaign.


  • It helps gets across your key messages concisely
  • It engages your audiences
  • It encourages them to explore your content more deeply.

The best campaigns apply design thinking to the whole audience experience – enticing the reader and making it easier for them to understand and absorb your ideas. It is great design that brings your data and stories to life – especially if it is provocative, impactful and engaging.


What we do

We can create both static and interactive data visualisation. These assets include everything from simple social media graphics for sharing to more complex, immersive designs that enable audiences to explore the data and create their own personalised versions.


Benefits of data visualisation

This kind of content:

  • Drives awareness and traffic through digital channels
  • Enables audiences to process complex data quickly
  • Is ideal for PR, acting as a compelling visual aid to support press releases
  • Encourages audiences to explore data and extract greater insight
  • Can be presented to groups or individuals in person, which creates opportunities for productive conversations at events and client meetings.

Grant Thornton’s infographic on digital risk features a number of innovative data visualisations. Click here to explore the research findings

Aviva Investors and Longitude collaborated on the Alternative Income Study 2018, producing a beautifully designed final result with numerous innovative data visualisations. Click here to explore

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