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A guide to audio storytelling in B2B

Amplifying real thought leadership with excellence in audio storytelling

Audio content is booming. But is there a place for it in thought leadership campaigns? We think so. But bad audio can be as inconsequential as any other bad content, which is why marketers need to consider their audio storytelling expertise.

In this guide, we share key principles of audio storytelling in thought leadership through a series of linked resources. From inspiring examples of audio content to tips and recommendations from Longitude's audio experts, explore below and begin your journey toward audio storytelling in B2B.

What is audio storytelling?

Great audio storytelling relies on three things: the story; the telling; and the format.

Like all thought leadership, the story must be impactful. Without the story, the broad business topics of B2B content will feel lifeless and cold. The telling must be engaging in order to capture and inspire listeners. And the format must be innovative — it’s not good enough to recycle a written article into a 15 minute speech.

We think that audio deserves a prime spot in all content campaigns as another great way to truly influence and inspire your audience. Here’s how…

Best-in-class audio thought leadership

A fresh and inspiring take on audio content for insight-led campaigns

When it comes to crafting influential thought leadership in audio form, which brands are doing it well? And how is it used to best effect?

Here we showcase examples of powerful audio storytelling, using real thought leadership to engage and influence audiences in B2B and B2C.

More on using content to influence audiences

How audio is only as good as the story and the telling

Our Thinking

Our Thinking - How audio is only as good as the story and the telling
How audio is only as good as the story and the telling
There are many ways for a brand to find its voice. But too few companies make full use of their vocal range. Are they missing out?

How to use audio content in your thought leadership

Our Thinking

Our Thinking - How to use audio content in your thought leadership
How to use audio content in your thought leadership
How can you incorporate audio into your thought leadership campaigns? Meg Wright explores four ways and presents the advantages of each.

Activating your audio content: Don’t let great conversation go unheard

Our Thinking

Our Thinking - Activating your audio content: Don’t let great conversation go unheard
Activating your audio content: Don’t let great conversation go unheard
How are thought leading brands promoting their audio insights? We reveal six ways to better activate your audio content.

Audio storytelling showcase


Experience best-in-class audio in our on-demand webinar, where Longitude’s head of audio Meg Wright and our co-founder James Watson take us through recent examples of creative and innovative audio in B2B.

We discuss ways to leverage this powerful medium alongside other formats and campaign assets. And, same as always, we’ll share practical advice on how to apply these lessons to your next campaign.

Meet our audio expert

Meg Wright

Senior Editor and Head of Audio

Meg brings together a passion for storytelling and global experience in technology thought leadership to craft meaningful content that resonates. Meg is a vital member of the Longitude team, and with her skills in writing, editing, podcast and video production she works to develop and execute strategic campaigns that drive the right results for her clients, as well as heading up Longitude’s audio production department.

With global experience working with B2B enterprise technology brands including Adobe, Telstra, Hisense and Xero, Meg is well set to help our clients achieve the best. Prior to joining Longitude Meg held roles as Editor at the Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Automation Network and Content Manager at award-winning Sydney brand storytelling agency, Filtered Media.

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Want to learn more about our audio production?

Our audio products make the most of two things: our ability to tell compelling stories; and our understanding of evolving trends in society, business, and technology. They combine journalistic interviews, desk research, and data analysis to deliver stories in an engaging format.

We provide audio content for your thought leadership in a variety of formats, including:

  • Audio interviews
  • Audio panel discussion
  • Audio micrographics

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Audio storytelling showcase: Best-in-class audio thought leadership

Our thought leadership trends for 2022

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