OUR WORK/ING: From Sustainability to Business Value


From Sustainability to Business Value:
Finance as a catalyst

In 2018, Longitude and multinational financial services firm, ING, conducted a survey of US-based executives to hear what they had to say about the relationship between sustainability and business value.

The client’s objective was to elevate the brand as a recognisable thought leader on the topic of sustainability in business, using a PR-focused campaign to generate a buzz in the market and start commercial conversations.

The resulting campaign was high-impact and allowed ING to lead the conversation in the market.

The research found that sustainability is now a well-established feature on the US corporate agenda, but the importance and level of attention varies greatly. Longitude helped ING create a high-impact, PR-focused content bundle headlined by a long-form research report to help bring these key findings to light.

The content bundle included a number of spin-off articles with the intention of capturing the attention of the media and trade press. This was achieved, with several mentions in titles such as GreenBiz and the Governance and Accountability Institute.

The campaign was so successful that a second iteration was released in 2019: How circular thinking could change US business models.

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