PODCAST: Alastair Gornall on Building Brand Reputation - Longitude

PODCAST: Alastair Gornall on Building Brand Reputation

Thought Leadership Insights, Episode 4

In Longitude’s fourth episode of Thought Leadership Insights, we speak with Longitude Chairman and PR maven Alastair Gornall about the importance of building brand reputation. Alastair shares his views on the current key trends in B2B marketing and communications, together with how companies should be using thought leadership and creative content as a way to increase brand awareness – and the vital role the c-suite has to play in this increasingly important area of focus.

Topics covered

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 01:00 Alastair’s background and the changing world of communications
  • 03:45 Key trends in brand marketing
  • 04:45 Using thought leadership to rise above the noise
  • 07:00 The potential of thought leadership
  • 08:30 How important is thought leadership to brand marketing?
  • 09:50 How to create balance with your thought leadership
  • 12:20 The future of Longitude

Or read the full transcript here.

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