Short-form content

Short-form content

Our work reflects the demands of today’s audiences, who expect content that’s designed for digital in its structure and delivery.

Short-form thought leadership, such as opinion pieces, blogs, case studies and Q&As, is a powerful way to build and sustain a conversation with audiences and increase brand awareness.


The benefits of short-form content

Short-form content:

  • Can be tailored to meet the needs of specific audience segments
  • Maintains a regular ‘drumbeat’ of content, sustaining engagement and reinforcing messages over time
  • Is quick to create, which allows you to react more quickly to trending news and themes
  • Is mobile friendly, which means you can reach a rapidly growing cohort of mobile-first consumers.

ING and Longitude devised a programme of short-form thought leadership content includes deep-dives into relevant case studies. Explore them all here

Verizon’s analysis of customer experience included a series of shorter reports into the region-specific data of Europe, the Americas and APAC. Click here to explore

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