Secondary research: data journalism and desk research

Data journalism and desk research

Data journalism can add a great deal to original content campaigns. At its core, it’s about collecting (scraping) large amounts of publicly available data and aggregating it.

Combined with smart desk research, this can be a powerful tool: together, they can show connections between different datasets, identify trends, and demonstrate points of view without the expense of a survey or other forms of primary research. Add data visualisation to that mix, and you can really bring your findings to life.


The benefits of data journalism

Data journalism and desk research:

  • Are an interesting alternative to surveys and can create a point of differentiation in a crowded content space
  • Give you access to a wide variety of data sources
  • Strengthen your arguments and enrich your evidence
  • Predict emerging topics and themes
  • Create surprising and unexpected connections between different data points
  • Add depth and rigour to findings by supporting primary research with real-world context.


What we do

Our data journalism services include:

  • Social media sentiment analysis
  • Extracting and analysing large-scale data sets, including traditional media, social media and company information, to illustrate changing trends and patterns
  • Expertise in data collection and scraping
  • Using machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to accelerate and enhance data analysis
  • Combining secondary data with primary data (such as surveys) to create unique indexes and rankings
  • Creating data visualisations – for print or for interactive digital tools – that bring findings to life.

Desk research advised Credit Suisse’s Value of Knowledge programme, exploring the role of education of the SDGs. Click to explore more

Longitude’s data journalism offering is evolving, stay tuned for more data science insights in the future.


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