Primary research: expert research interviews

Primary research: expert research interviews

Want your audiences to feel like they are getting the inside scoop? Great thought leadership doesn’t just reflect brands’ internal expertise – it also gives audiences the perspectives of leading subject-matter experts and industry influencers.

So brands have to look beyond their own borders. One powerful way to do that is with journalistic interviews conducted either by phone or face to face. These will reinforce your insights with authority and credibility, and generate the stories that bring research findings to life.


The benefits of interviews


  • Provide first-hand commentary on the subjects that matter most
  • Increase awareness of your brand among the industry influencers we interview
  • Add credibility to your thought leadership
  • Help to ensure a neutral tone on divisive or internally focused topics
  • Produce provocative soundbites that you can use across your social media and PR
  • Can be turned into extra campaign materials, such as Q&A interviews, case studies, and personal profiles.


What we do

We help you to find the interviewees whose opinions matter to your audience. We also work with your senior leadership team to turn their valuable perspectives into powerful opinion pieces that show off your expertise.

We will:

  • Design an interview programme to support your thought leadership campaign
  • Source interviews from a large database of C-suite business leaders, specialist executives, academics and other key influencers
  • Interview your own executives and clients
  • Conduct interviews using our team of in-house journalists and editors
  • Extract the quotes that support your messages, and get them approved
  • Incorporate interview findings into the broader campaign for maximum impact.

> Get inspired for your next campaign with these influential voices from a range of sectors and industries.

The Adecco Group conducted a qualitative-only research report as part of their Power of Work campaign. Click here to explore more

Radisson Hotel Group and Longitude conducted a number of interviews as part of the Event Horizons programme, with a number showcased in video. Click here to explore more

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