Competitor analysis

White space and competitor analysis

More than half (53%) of Thought-Leading Brands always evaluate their plans against competitors’ content. But that sort of analysis should always look beyond traditional competitors to other sectors and to content producers that are targeting the same audience.

By helping you to find the hot and emerging topics in your chosen markets and using our research to show you where to focus, we will help you to create truly distinctive thought leadership that doesn’t cover old ground. 


Our white space and competitor analysis includes:

  • A detailed review of the strengths and weaknesses of competitor content
  • A white space strategy and advice on how to win in the ‘battle space’, which is topics that are already well covered but are still of critical importance
  • Analysis of the latest media coverage and insight into leading influencers and commentators.


Chart describing a typical white-space and competitor analysis

Competitor analysis: An example of a competitor analysis that would help rank your thought leadership ideas


What are the benefits of a competitor analysis?

This white space and competitor analysis work:

  • Helps to configure the campaign so that it can compete effectively
  • Captures competitors’ marketing campaign strategies and content, and comes up with ways to stand out
  • Identifies ideas for original, thought-provoking primary research based on market conditions.

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