Campaign hubs

Campaign hubs

Your content needs a home online, and this can either be a standalone content microsite or additional campaign pages that are integrated into your existing website.

We build sophisticated, multi-layered scrolling stories with elements that activate as audiences navigate through the content. This creates a rich experience and a strong narrative that deepens engagement and builds emotional connections with audiences.


The benefits of campaign hubs and scrolling stories

  • Offer storytelling opportunities that are hard to achieve with traditional website architecture
  • Give audiences an immersive experience, and are particularly valuable on mobile where consumers want a seamless journey
  • Create powerful engagement and typically increase dwell time as readers are taken on a journey
  • Increase the likelihood of interaction – particularly with content and conversion points at the lower end of the funnel.

AT&T’s The Intelligent Business employs an extensive scrollable story feature to showcase their findings. Click to explore more

The Learning from Leaders research, from Longitude and FTMS, is displayed on an interactive microsite. Click to explore the results

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