Audience insight

Audience insight

A deep understanding of your audience’s needs, motivations and priorities is fundamental to the success of thought leadership campaigns. All too often, marketing teams make assumptions about their audiences and don’t do enough to understand how different buyer groups and audiences respond to different topics and formats.

First, we create a detailed map of who the target audience is – and we go beyond generalisations, such as the C-suite. Next, we survey and interview those people to understand their personal and professional motivations, the challenges they face, and the information they need from your content. Then we present the findings back to you with recommendations for how to act on them to ensure that your campaign achieves maximum cut-through.


The benefits of audience insight

Our audience insight and analysis work:

  • Ensures that you fully understand who your audience is across buyer and influencer groups
  • Provides insight into the personal and professional motivations of your audience segments
  • Maps out an audience journey and shows how content will resonate at each stage
  • Highlights where to adjust your campaign’s focus to cater to specific audiences.


What we do

Our audience analysis includes:

  • Gathering insight using surveys and in-depth qualitative interviews
  • Identifying distinct segments and B2B buyer personas and groups across the audience and buyer journeys
  • Mapping out audience motivations and preferences
  • Demonstrating how your campaign will resonate with your target audience.

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