Thought-Leading Brands

How to be a Thought-Leading Brand:

Why the smartest companies producing thought leadership are four times as likely to achieve commercial benefit

Do you know how to produce thought leadership that pack a punch? New research shows that spend on insights-led marketing is up by 20%, but in reality, few companies know how to do it well.

Longitude’s study reveals the ‘Thought-Leading Brands’ outperform their peers by a factor of four or more by combining smarter strategy with excellence in execution. These are the companies getting a much bigger bang for their buck, while others struggle to demonstrate ROI.

We share critical insights on how to maximise the investment in your thought leadership strategy, excel in its execution and increase returns.

How to be a Thought-Leading Brand:

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  1. The best practices you need to replicate to achieve success
  2. How digital and content marketing strategies are reshaping thought leadership
  3. Which new skills and capabilities you need to remain at the cutting edge and outpace the competition
  4. Practical strategies to help align business stakeholders around your campaign goals

“The most forward-thinking companies are using thought leadership with more precision in areas such as lead generation or account-based marketing.”

Rob Mitchell, Longitude

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Our data shows that with stronger capabilities, the Thought-Leading Brands get better outcomes.

Explore the stats behind the Thought-Leading Brands in our at-a-glance view of the key findings. Click on the image to view at full size.

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