The year in review: Our biggest hits of 2019

Ben Harrison

As another year draws to a close, we’ve reviewed the last 12 months of news and views on the Longitude blog and website to find out which were our most-read articles of 2019.

With politics and climate change dominating the agenda in 2019, uncertain times lie ahead. So here’s our round up of Longitude’s most-popular insights to help you to reflect on the biggest shifts in thought leadership and content marketing this year — and prepare for what comes next.


1. Thought Leadership: Best Practice Guide

Whether you’re new to thought leadership or an experienced practitioner, this definitive guide is your go-to resource for step-by-step direction on how to plan, develop and execute a thought leadership strategy. Starting with the basics, we explain what thought leadership is and how it can help. Read more


2. Data + Story + Design

Our research, as well as our practical experience of working with over 60 global brands, tells us three things really matter if you’re trying to engage an executive audience: interesting data, great storytelling, and design that brings your ideas to life. Our new design offering completes that recipe, but how does it apply practically? Read more


3. Campaigns that hook the C-suite

The new Learning from Leaders study conducted by Longitude, working with the new FT Marketing Services offering from the FT, surveyed over 1000 senior executives across a range of industries, and revealed the secrets of success for a better C-suite campaign. Read more


4. Brexit Exodus: Where is everyone going? 

No official statistics exist – and many companies are reluctant to be transparent on their planning for Brexit. But, Longitude analysis shows at least 6,266 job relocations had been reported by 26 companies by the end of March 2019 – a key date in the Brexit timeline. Read more


5. Account-Based Intelligence: when ABM meets thought leadership

Increasingly, companies are now adapting the thought leadership recipe and applying it in a tailored package to their most important client accounts. In the past, this was known as account-based marketing, but recently firms have been deploying an account-based intelligence approach – a movement that elevates ABM strategy by including wider, more in-depth customer knowledge. Read more


Which strategies and tactics feature on your agenda next year? VOTE NOW and tell us which of our 2020 thought leadership predictions you think will matter most over the 12 months ahead.

Thought leadership best practice

Are you interested in thought leadership? Read our best practice guide to thought leadership strategy

Read the guide

About the author: Ben Harrison

Ben is part of Longitude’s marketing team, working closely with Emily – our marketing manager – and the rest of the commercial team to help deliver on the company’s content strategy. Using social media, our blog, and a long-term programme of eBooks and research reports, Ben helps provide the content the company needs to be a thought leader in the world of thought leadership.

Having completed an undergraduate degree in Marketing and Management from the University of East Anglia, Ben joined Longitude in October 2017 as a marketing intern.

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Festive greetings and best wishes for 2020, from the team at Longitude!

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