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About us:

Longitude is a thought leadership specialist that is majority owned by the Financial Times Group. Longitude’s product offering spans three areas: Advisory, a set of services that helps clients to plan and execute effective and differentiated thought leadership campaigns; Research, which encompasses surveys, interview programmes, data modelling and desk research; and Content, which covers multi-format thought leadership campaigns, spanning reports, articles, opinion pieces, visual and interactive content.

We believe that working at Longitude is more than just a job. We work hard to build and maintain a strong, engaging culture that motivates and inspires our team to do great work, learn new things and develop their careers.

Our values:

  • Put quality at the heart of everything we do
  • Meet our clients’ objectives every time
  • Collaborate and support each other to achieve better outcomes
  • Be transparent and open with each other
  • Embrace and drive positive change
  • Think commercially at all times
  • Be proactive and creative
  • Overview of the role and key requirements:

    Longitude is hiring a data journalist/data analyst to bring a new dimension to its thought leadership output. This is a new role that will appeal to anyone with a broad range of data and analytic skills, and with an aptitude for extracting thought-provoking outcomes from varied data sources, whether public secondary data, web/social media data sources, policy analysis, or elsewhere.

    Should this role be successful, it is envisaged that we would create a specialist research unit around this new function. This could include supporting roles, such as a data visualisation specialist.

    The primary focus of this role would be to:

  • Conceptualise and define relevant models and methodologies, in response to a client’s brief or an in-house idea, and then work to bring these ideas to fruition.
  • Oversee the gathering of any relevant data from a variety of sources, whether online secondary data, in-country researchers, or other third party data sources.
  • Extracting compelling insights and findings that can generate press headlines and spark debate, working in collaboration with our editorial team or others to bring this data to life visually.
  • Build a credible network of freelance specialists, who can help deliver a variety of projects across our core sectors: professional services, technology, financial services, and industrials.
    Examples of the kinds of work we’d potentially be looking for this individual to conceptualise and bring to life would include one or more of the following (we appreciate that it is unlikely to include all). The common thread across all of these examples is about using being able to deliver insightful findings based on a variety of data sources:

  • Scrape and analyse data from web sources, such as job sites or social media sentiment, to help drive compelling stories. For example, assessing the link between digital skills and higher pay (see example findings here).
  • Build credible and insightful models that can rank countries, cities, industries or other entities on anything from innovation to talent, based on a wide range of indicators and data. Relevant examples of this kind of work include: Africa Trade Index, Green City Index, and many more.
  • Create economic impact assessments that can help quantify a range of outcomes, whether GDP growth, job creation, or otherwise, from a given situation. Relevant examples include: economic impact of Brexit, economic impact of the Olympic games, and so on.
    This is a new role, and while it would work closely with our existing editorial team and survey-focussed research team, it would initially be a standalone function.

    Your key skills and experience:

  • First and foremost, a creative and problem-solving mindset, able to spot and map out techniques that can help bring a topic or concept to life, not least when there are constraints or limitations from any available data.
  • Excellent data modelling, research and analysis skills, regardless of background.
  • A talent for turning analytical results into compelling stories in written, verbal and visual form.
  • Bachelor or Masters Degree in a quantitative discipline, or if you graduated sometime ago, recent experience in data science, machine learning or statistical inference.
  • Familiarity with a diverse data sources (examples might include: World Bank, IMF, government statistical sources, surveys, social media sentiment analysis, trade bodies, industry data, specialist data sources, etc).
  • Expertise on one or more relevant data tools (eg, Python, R, Excel, GIS tools, etc).
  • Ability to work closely with commercial and editorial colleagues in defining, refining and articulating analytics product set – and responding creatively to client briefs.

    We would also like someone who has the following attributes:

  • Comfortable in client-facing roles, and strong at presenting and defending a proposed methodology or study to clients.
  • Comfortable working in a fast-paced agency environment.
  • An interest in current affairs, especially in terms of topical business issues.
  • If you feel that you can see yourself in a role like this, please do get in touch with your application and covering letter, we would love to hear from you.

    Please note – Due to the expected volume of applicants we may not be able to send you a personal response but only communicate with you if your application is successful.

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