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Emily Taylor Gregory

We know how busy life can be and that keeping up with the latest news and insights can be an added challenge. Here at Longitude, we like to get right to the point – and we want to take you straight to the insights that matter most.

We’ve studied the stats and combed through our content archive to find our six best posts to put you on the fast track to the latest trends and hot topics in thought leadership. Here are the posts that have received the most views on our blog and activity on Twitter and LinkedIn.

1. Content marketing and thought leadership: What’s the difference?

Content marketing and thought leadership are two distinct terms that are often confused. What do they really mean? How are they different? And why is it important to use a combination of the two in your content strategy? Read here

2. The advantages of early stakeholder engagement in thought leadership projects

It’s no secret that executing a thought leadership campaign requires the buy-in of senior stakeholders across the organisation. But questions often arise: when is the ideal moment to bring key stakeholders into the fold? And how do you engage them effectively? Read here

3. Heart and minds: Why your thought leadership needs a creative edge

Have you ever watched an executive glaze over at the prospect of reading your latest thought leadership report? Fear not! In this blog post are five ways to win over their hearts and minds. Read here

4. Thought leadership and the top line: How to use B2B content to increase revenues

At Longitude, we are strong believers in measuring thought leadership against its contribution to three core objectives: relationships, reputation and revenues.  In this post, CEO Rob Mitchell talks about how B2B content can increase revenues. Read here

5. Six questions for marketers building a thought leadership content brand

In our experience, whether a company has been leading the debate on key issues in their sector for many years or is only now developing its thought leadership capabilities, the principles for creating a strong content brand are the same. In this post, senior editor Joe Dalton looks at six key questions that marketers should ask themselves. Read here

6. Why thought leadership brands must be foxes, not hedgehogs

In this thought-provoking post, CEO Rob Mitchell explains why good thought leadership, like good data journalism, relies on critical thinking and robust research and analysis. Read here

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About the author: Emily Taylor Gregory

Emily manages Longitude’s marketing activities, working closely with the business development team to ensure that all marketing initiatives align with the company’s commercial strategy and guiding principles.

Emily is responsible for promoting Longitude’s thought leadership expertise, sharing critical and creative insights on the company blog, delivering insightful and valuable commentary and stories through our newsletter and seeking an array of PR opportunities to help to promote and reinforce the Longitude brand on a wider scale. She helps to orchestrate our client events in conjunction with the company directors and business development team to guarantee that each event offers unique insights and fresh perspectives on trending topics. Emily also manages our social media channels and website, ensuring that both reflect the company ethos as well as the full range of Longitude’s capabilities and expertise.

Before joining Longitude, Emily spent 12 years working in various marketing roles in the publishing and technology sectors.

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