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Design that engages the brightest minds

How can design thinking help your company to deliver immersive experiences for your audiences – and in the process improve return on investment from your content and marketing campaigns?

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Our research, as well as our practical experience of working with over 60 global brands, tells us three things really matter if you’re trying to engage an executive audience: interesting data, great storytelling, and design that brings your ideas to life.

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Bundle of 4: PDF for print, JPEG, PNG, Embeddable link

Showcase your key findings in a bundle of simple graphics, designed to supplement and enhance content and fuel online campaigns. These striking graphics can be created as static or animated visuals to drive awareness and traffic through digital channels.


Including scripting: PDF for print, JPEG, PNG, Embeddable link

Present the facts in a visually engaging and intuitive illustrated infographic. Tailored to your brand, and developed with your audience in mind.

Data visualisation

Static data viz: PDF for print, JPEG, PNG, Embeddable link

Make the complex simple. Present quantitative data efficiently with a creative and intuitive striking visualisation that showcases your data in the best possible way.

Interactive data visualisation

Hosted online on a microsite, or integrated into your website

Present extensive quantitative data with a creative interactive data tool. Enable your audience to interact with the data and filters, creating their own personalised view of the visualisation.

Scrollable stories

Hosted online on a microsite, or integrated into your website

Build a truly interesting and creative web experience as a framework for your narrative. A sophisticated, multilayered scrolling story helps to engage visitors, through interaction the visual elements move and animate.

Benchmarking tools

Interactive tool hosted online on a microsite, or integrated into your website

Boost engagement with a creative and highly-interactive benchmarking tool that allows your audience to interact with your content, input their own data and compare the results. Benchmarking tools are a great way to present the data that is clear, looks appealing and encourages sharing.


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