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Releasing the flow of Digital money

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Releasing the flow of Digital money: Hitting the tipping point of adoption

Within an increasingly tech-driven world, the debate about money going digital has never been more relevant. The topic of digital money has been increasingly capturing the attention of politicians, entrepreneurs and commentators, although in most markets the tipping point for widespread acceptance has yet to be reached. Since 2014, Citi and Imperial College London have been tracking 90 countries on their journey towards digital money adoption. The Digital Money Index, now in its third edition, offers a comprehensive assessment of where different nations and regions stand with respect to digital money awareness and acceptance.

This research shows how in the past three years the world of digital money has evolved rapidly, often beyond even the boldest predictions. The first two editions of the index focused on mapping out the journey and on the importance of digital money solutions. In this year’s report, Citi worked in collaboration with Longitude to look at addressing people’s propensity to accept digital money, outlining what factors will likely drive or inhibit the achievement of a “tipping point” for consumer adoption of digital money. Longitude conducted a series of expert interviews and write the report, with the index constructed by Imperial College London.

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