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Who we are

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We founded Longitude in early 2011 because we believed that clients deserved a better thought leadership offering than was currently available. Our approach has always been about working in true partnership with clients, and using research and content to help them achieve their marketing and commercial objectives.

Since 2011, we have expanded our offering to encompass an end-to-end thought leadership service spanning advisory, primary research, content creation and digital. The principles of how we engage with clients remain the same, however.

Regardless of the size or scope of the project, our goal is to create high-quality content that achieves our clients’ goals and exceeds their expectations.


Who we are

Alastair Gornall

Non-Executive Chairman

Alastair’s mandate is to help support the company’s next phase of growth, brand recognition and reach, as we explore new ways to expand the business. More

Rob Mitchell

Chief Executive Officer

Rob leads Longitude’s strategic planning and sets the overall vision and priorities for the business. More

James Watson

Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer

James takes responsibility for running the company’s finances, systems and technologies, while also overseeing a range of key client accounts. More

Gareth Lofthouse

Founding Partner

Gareth manages Longitude’s growing team and ensures that our workflows and processes run smoothly across departments. More

Sean Kearns

Managing Editor

Sean manages our team of editors and analysts while also ensuring the overall quality of our content and research output. More

Mike Cuell

Research Director

Mike oversees and manages the Longitude research team, vendors, and partners, to ensure a focus on accurate, high quality research that is delivered on time. More

Sarah Solloway

Project Director

Sarah leads the project management team and develops and improves our processes to achieve the best outcomes for clients. More

Miles Weiner

Commercial Director

Miles manages and develops our client relationships and works closely with Longitude’s clients to ensure that their expectations are met. More

Piers Tomlinson

Group Editor

An experienced writer and editor, Piers is skilled at making complex business issues accessible and compelling for a wide range of audiences. More

Kate Stone

VP, Business Development

Kate is responsible for expanding Longitude’s network of commercial partnerships with global brands in the technology sector across Longitude’s advisory, research and content services. More

Joe Dalton

Group Editor

Joe is our lead editor for the financial services sector, working with key clients across banking, insurance and asset management. More

Peter Elkins

Senior Business Editor

Peter is a highly experienced thought leadership writer and editor, with over 20 years’ experience at major global organisations including Capgemini and KPMG. More

Louise Reip

Chief Sub-Editor

Louise upholds Longitude’s high editorial standards by ensuring the accuracy, consistency, fluency and client-readiness of all content. More

Hannah Freegard

Senior Editor

Hannah creates compelling thought leadership that helps Longitude’s clients to strengthen their reputation and open up new opportunities. More

Estella Judson

Account Director

Estella works in Longitude’s account management team, overseeing partnerships with several global clients. More

Jonathan Shingler

Research Manager

Jonathan is responsible for ensuring our research projects run smoothly from start to finish. More

Linda Hershman

Deputy Project Director

Linda helps to lead the project management team’s approach to projects and manages many of our largest and most complex projects, acting as the central lynchpin between our internal teams and external stakeholders. More

Karim Meggaro

Account Manager

As Account Manager, Karim oversees partnerships with a number of our key clients. He helps plan campaigns and programmes that meet their larger strategic objectives. More

Stephen Edwards

Senior Editor

Based in Perth, Australia, Stephen produces short- and long-form thought leadership content and specialises in advisory work. More

Emily Taylor Gregory

Marketing Manager

Emily manages Longitude’s marketing activities, working closely with the business development team to ensure all initiatives align with the company’s commercial strategy and guiding principles. More

Nicola Morris

Business Development Manager

Nicola develops and manages client relationships with senior marketing functions across a range of key sectors. More

Rory Wilson

Business Development Manager

Rory is responsible for expanding Longitude’s network of commercial partnerships with global brands in the Financial Services sector. More

Ali Syed

Research Operations Manager

Ali is responsible for overseeing our strategic partnerships programme and for identifying and developing robust research solutions that help to deliver our clients’ objectives. More

Rosie Sutton

Research Manager

Rosie designs Longitude’s research projects, working closely with the rest of the team to provide methodological and analytical expertise. More

Laura Henriquez-Alvarez

Senior Project Manager

Laura manages multiple projects across Longitude’s key accounts, working closely with clients, suppliers and the internal team. More

Keisha Shah

Senior Project Manager

Keisha plans, scopes, coordinates and manages projects to ensure that client objectives are clearly understood and met. More

Georgina Quinan

Project Manager

Georgina is responsible for planning, coordinating and running our projects, with the aim of ensuring all objectives are met, on time, and exceeding the expectations of all stakeholders involved. More

Shamila Khan

EA & Office Manager

Shamila is responsible for overseeing much of Longitude’s back office operations. She is also the Executive Assistant to the directors. More


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