PODCAST: Thought leadership trends and predictions 2017

Thought Leadership Insights, Episode 1

In this first episode of Thought Leadership Insights, Longitude Research co-founders Rob Mitchell and James Watson, together with managing director Gareth Lofthouse, share the firm’s thought leadership predictions for the year ahead. They highlight six key trends from the company’s recently published 12 Predictions for 2017 that will impact the evolution of thought leadership this year, and identify key lessons and strategies to help B2B marketers adapt to these changing priorities.

Read all 12 predictions, including tips on emerging trends in research tools, editorial techniques and tactics for audience engagement, here.

Topics covered

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:30 Rob’s thought leadership predictions
  • 01:30 What is omni-channel thought leadership?
  • 02:30 Are companies doing this?
  • 03:30 Designing content for different channels
  • 05:30 The issue of activation
  • 08:30 Dealing with time pressures
  • 09:30 Gareth’s thought leadership predictions
  • 12:00 Measuring thought leadership’s success
  • 14:00 Using intelligent content to drive sales
  • 15:45 James’s thought leadership predictions
  • 16:30 What is structured journalism?
  • 18:45 Multi-media incorporation
  • 20:15 Tackling content promotion challenges
  • 21:45 Emerging technologies for B2B marketers

Or read the full transcript here.

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