PODCAST: Rob Mitchell on successful thought leadership campaigns

In the sixth episode of Thought Leadership Insights, Longitude’s co-founder and CEO Rob Mitchell shares his thoughts on what makes successful thought leadership campaigns as well as discussing how thought leadership fits in with content marketing. We also explore Longitude’s latest thinking on measuring the effectiveness of thought leadership campaigns, as well as future trends in thought leadership we can expect to see.

Topics covered

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 01:10 What is thought leadership?
  • 02:20 How to distinguish thought leadership from content marketing
  • 04:10 The relationship between thought leadership and content marketing
  • 05:45 Can you do content marketing without thought leadership?
  • 06:40 The current state of thought leadership today
  • 08:00 Evaluating thought leadership
  • 09:30 Making a campaign commercial
  • 10:50 Measuring thought leadership
  • 12:50 Mistakes people make with their thought leadership
  • 15:00 How will thought leadership evolve?

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