PODCAST: Parker Ward on content and thought leadership

Thought Leadership Insights, Episode 5

In the fifth episode of Thought Leadership Insights, we speak to Parker Ward, Global Head of Digital and Content at Capgemini, one of the world’s foremost providers of consulting, technology and outsourcing services.  In this inspiring and engaging interview, Parker talks about his role as maestro of all things digital and content-driven at the 200,000 strong firm. He explains why thought leadership today requires new levels of strategic oversight together with digital focus, planning and rigour. Parker discusses in detail key factors essential to build a successful campaign, including content planning, formats, audience mapping and social media. Parker highlights the importance of good internal governance and gives his views on the always challenging question of ROI.

Topics covered

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 02:00 Thought leadership at Capgemini
  • 03:15 Using thought leadership to create separation in the marketplace
  • 04:30 The importance of critical analysis
  • 06:45 Listening to the clients
  • 07:45 How to find the relevant space
  • 09:40 Tailoring communications for an internal audience
  • 10:50 How social media fits into a campaign
  • 13:20 Utilising internal advocates
  • 14:00 Building trust
  • 15:40 Measuring ROI
  • 19:00 How to apply funnel marketing
  • 20:45 Company culture and formality in the B2B space
  • 24:00 Treating your audience as individuals
  • 25:20 Upcoming thought leadership trends

Or read the full transcript here.

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