PODCAST: Alison Tattersall on Thought Leadership and Marketing Strategy - Longitude

PODCAST: Alison Tattersall on Thought Leadership and Marketing Strategy

Thought Leadership Insights, Episode 3

In this third episode of Thought Leadership Insights, we speak to Alison Tattersall, Corporate Marketing Director at Barclays Bank, about the crucial role thought leadership plays in their overall marketing strategy. From digital-first and custom content, to smart activation strategies and essential metrics for tracking ROI, this rare glimpse into the world of global marketing at one of the world’s largest banks is essential listening for all senior B2B marketers.

Topics covered

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:40 Alison’s role at Barclays
  • 02:50 Building trust for your brand
  • 04:15 Thought leadership at Barclays
  • 06:40 Short-form vs. long-form content
  • 07:45 Marketing long-form content
  • 08:50 What does a good thought leadership campaign look like?
  • 10:40 Activation
  • 12:20 Timely vs. quality content
  • 13:45 The internal thought leadership process
  • 15:00 Measuring the impact
  • 17:00 Social media and thought leadership
  • 18:50 Industry specific campaigns
  • 19:50 Maximizing ROI
  • 20:55 Internal insights
  • 22:15 Responsiveness – attracting interest
  • 23:45 Future opportunities from thought leadership
  • 24:40 Making thought leadership relevant

Or read the full transcript here.

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