PODCAST: James Watson on the power of thought leadership

Thought Leadership Insights, Episode 2

In this second episode of Thought Leadership Insights, Longitude’s co-founder James Watson reveals the key findings of the firm’s recent thought leadership research programme: The Power of Thought Leadership, exploring the major changes taking place in B2B and content marketing today.

James talks about the crucial – and growing – role of thought leadership in building brands and reputation, explains how brands are successfully becoming publishers in their own right as well as what this means for B2B content marketers, and explores how companies need to tailor their content to meet evolving audience preferences.

Topics covered

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:40 Longitude’s thought leadership research
  • 01:40 Research key findings
  • 03:30 Companies competing with publishers
  • 05:00 Growth in content
  • 06:00 Thought leadership and reputation
  • 07:45 New formats for thought leadership
  • 11:10 Where do surveys fit in?

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